Place in Delhi NCR must try – Z Corner


Delhi in itself is very alluring in terms of planning short outdoor vacations. Conjoined with the NCR region, it becomes a popular hub that has something to offer to everybody. People from all age groups, backgrounds can find an apt place in this vicinity to spend time with their loved ones. One needs to be aware of the options to be able to plan smartly. There are places galore to eat and dine.

zcorner-2One of such places is ‘Z Corner’. Located in the accessible area of Patel Nagar, the joint offers mouth watering Chicken Curry (cooked with minced chicken in desi ghee and homemade spices). If you are a red meat lover then try out the Mutton Curry (cooked with minced mutton in desi ghee and homemade spices). Other than these, you can also opt for the special Dum Biryani served with mutton keema on the top. The place stands out for the fact that all delicacies are cooked in pure desi ghee. We can assure you once you visit, you will go back for more.

Details required for your visit are mentioned below.


Joint Name: Z Corner.

Timing: 1300–1600.  1900-2100.

Address: 28/14,East Patel Nagar Market, New Delhi-110008

Price: 2Pcs  Rs. 260/- Per Person (Mutton/ Chicken Biryani)

Extra gravy Rs.150/-Tandoori rotis are free.

Mobile: 9811373421

Delhi NCR (National Capital Region) – The place to be


Delhi in itself is very alluring in terms of planning short outdoor vacations. Conjoined with the NCR region, it becomes a popular hub that has something to offer to everybody. People from all age groups, backgrounds can find an apt place in this vicinity to spend time with their loved ones. One needs to be aware of the options to be able to plan smartly. We bring forth to you today, some of the destinations you could add to your list while planning an outing in Delhi- NCR.

Thakran Farms, Pataudi

Miss old times? Want to relive life’s simplicity again? Visit Thakran farms in Haryana and live life the rural way. While the place gives a rural touch to everything it holds, you can be assured to get here the facilities you need for day to day life. The farms have many different activities. You can learn here some of the oldest recipes that your grandmother cooked for you. Animal lovers can spend time with the farm animals present there. But be careful to inform the caretaker before you do that. You can enjoy a bath in the tube well. This place can revive your old memories. Perfect place to go to with your family.

Fly India Adventure Resort

The resort is built in Gurgaon and has been designed for nature lovers. The resort is an exemplary place for those who love to indulge themselves in high-end adventures. This is a perfect place for your children as there are options galore to choose from indoor and outdoor games like pool, camel riding, horse riding, mud bath and many more.
Have a big group? All the more reasons to choose this place. Form teams and play football, volleyball and enjoy your vacation to the fullest. Let’s see who wins the match. Music lovers in your family can enjoy indoor music houses. Elders can simply sit and relax in the natures’ beauty while the youngsters savor the games.

Travel safe in India – Follow our tips


Incredible India!!! One gets to hear this very often. The phrase very rightly describes the captivating country of multi cultures, landscapes, races, colors.  There is so much to be explored here that one would need a lifetime to be familiar with all its nooks and corners.

While the hospitality of the country is very amiable, an excursion here could be as chaotic as it can be alluring. With a little awareness and consciousness, you can make your trip an unforgettable experience.
Here are some simple tips by following which you can make your trip to India intrinsically memorable.

Know what you eat

Be sure you are aware of the ingredients of the stuff you eat. India is a country with vast menus. You need to choose a dish apt for your body. Going vegetarian in India is another tip to be safe. With a huge amount of Indian population being Indian, you will find enough variety and not miss non-veg at all.

Do not interfere with Customs

Indian has numerous rituals and customs understanding all of which is not possible for you as visitors. As a tip, do not try to give your piece of mind on these. For instance, feet are considered to be impure in India. So avoid touching anything religious or food with your feet. If you accidently do, please apologize.

Beware of alluring deals

Want to stay safe? Do not use your card, use only cash. Prefer to shop at government shops to avoid being misguided by private sellers. Carry your items yourself. No home delivery. A worthless item could be sent to your home against the payment made by you.

Proper Dressing

India respects people who dress up covering most of their body parts. Not that you need to change your couture altogether. There are places where you could freely enjoy a western culture. However, be wise to dress up according to the destination you chose to visit. For instance, visit a temple/gurudwara in an appropriate attire.

Plan a realistic routine

India has a lot on its plate. Choose where you want to be. Do not exhaust yourself trying to explore more than your capacities. Reaching one place to another can be a long process contrary to your expectations. A wisely crafted out plan will prettify your trip. Always remember, you can come back for more.

Bhiwadi – Night Life


Bhiwadi is a quiet place. People here not very outgoing and extrovert. The night that applies to other modern cities does not work here. Life here is very simple and quiet.  However, this certainly does not mean that Bhiwadi does not have a night life. Night life of Bhiwadi is very unique and intriguing. This is a result of the festivals held in the city and various fairs organized. Options during the night are fine dining, shopping, watching movies, dancing. Drinking is not an inherent part of the city’s culture. Still, there are very few bars, pubs and discos in Bhiwadi.

Below are few of the places that keep you going during the nights.

Movie Halls

This is the most common way of entertainment in Bhiwadi. Below are the theaters located in there. One can watch all new Bollywood movies here.

  • Gold Digital Cinema
  • SRS Cinema

Clubs in Bhiwadi

In the name of clubs, there are very few. These are the ones provided by the hotels in Bhiwadi. Bhiwadi has some very nice and branded hotels, guest houses and villas as stay options. Some such clubs are listed below.

  • Lions Club Bhiwadi
  • Treehouse Hotel, Club & SPA, Bhiwadi

Pubs, Bars & Discos in Bhiwadi

The simple lifestyle of the people of Bhiwadi does not support extravagant night life. However, there are some such places present here. Also, in the near future, these will increase tremendously as the city is very rapidly progressing and emerging to be a famous town of Rajasthan. Current options are mentioned below:

  • The Colonials Den
  • The Swagat Palace

Enjoy the unique night life of Bhiwadi with its very differently decorated and equipped bars restaurants, movie theaters and pubs.

Northern India – Visitor’s Delight


India, as previously mentioned, is a vast country and has a lot to be discovered. It is divided into many parts that offer options galore to people out for an ardent knockout. Today we explore Northern India.

In simple language, northern part of India is called North India. Geographical features that constitute North India are the Indus-Gangetic Plain and the Himalayas. This part owns the states of Jammu & Kashmir, Haryana, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh Uttarakhand and the Union Territories of Delhi and Chandigarh. States of Rajasthan, Bihar, and Madhya Pradesh are formally not a part of north India but are culturally and linguistically related to it.

If you are a traveler who enjoys energetic, messy and frenetic holidays, you will enjoy Northern India greatly.

We bring forth to you a few of the many remarkable places to visit in Northern India.

Golden Temple, Amritsar

A visitor’s delight, the temple has a religious history attached to it. The temple’s dome is made of 750 kgs of gold. It is Sikhism’s holiest site that showcases unique Sikh architecture. Built at a level lower than the land, the Gurudwara teaches the lesson of equality. The temple is open to everybody. People from all cast, creed or race can seek spiritual solace here. The four entrances of this holy shrine from all four directions signify that the place is a symbol of human brotherhood and equality.

Shimla, Himachal Pradesh

Shimla is the capital of Himachal Pradesh. Located in the northern part of India, it was once the summer capital of British India. British called this place ‘Queen of Hill Stations’. Situated in the North West Himalayas, Shimla’s temperature is Apt for a holiday with your family and friends.

Jim Corbett National Park, Uttrakand

Seeing its establishment as old as 1936, Jim Corbett National Park is the oldest national park in India. Named after the legendary tiger hunter turned naturalist, Jim Corbett, the place is a paradise for tiger lovers. Its breathtaking ambience is home to a large population of tigers.