Hangouts – Haveli Murthal


Just as the name suggests, Haveli Murthal is a place dedicated to royalty. Its an alluring place to be for vegetarians. Haveli Murthal is a branch of the original Haveli located in Jalandhar Punjab. The entity gives you a complete feel of the Punjabi culture. So if you do not have time to go visit Punjab for the food you miss, target this place which fills you with the enriching and colorful culture of Punjab.

The restaurant welcomes you with some unique things like a big elephant, a real size truck, pool side stairs. Waiters dress up in traditional Punjabi attires, big turbans; dhotis greet you with utmost hospitality. The food is mouth relishing and the ambiance is prepossessing, not to miss the mouth watering desi ghee Jalebi for your desert. It’s a great place to unwind with your family. You can even shop at the stores that

The Haveli Jalandhar and Murthal were originally started by Mr. Satish Jain with a desire to keep Punjabi culture alive. So he created a Haveli restaurant in Punjab. Receiving an amazing response from the nearby Punjabis and food lovers, the man thought of establishing a place for people who couldn’t reach Punjab that easily due to the hectic lifestyle. All the more reasons for Delhi people to visit this place over the weekends and return to work the next morning refreshed with a cultural treat.

Address:  Delhi-Karnal GT Road, Murthal, Distt. Sonipat, Haryana.

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