Climatic Conditions in Bhiwadi – Best time to Visit

Weather in Bhiwadi

Weather in Bhiwadi is similar to that of Delhi in terms of yearly climatic division and due to the fact that the weather here is extreme. Bhiwadi is very hot in summers and very cool in winters. Hottest months here are May and June with the temperature rising to as high as 46 – 48 degree Celsius.  Also, Weather is humid in summers with the humidity level going upto 70 percent. The months of July and August witness the rainy season. Average rainfall that has been recorded here till date is 60 centimeters. December and January are the coldest months of winters that start in October.  Minimum temperature in this place is 20-40 degree Celsius. As this place is located at a height of 268.70 meters above sea level, the wind velocity here is about 5 kilometers per hour.

Though the hospitality of Bhiwdi is open for tourists all throughout the year, the best time to visit Bhiwadi is during October to March as this is the onset of winters in this area. This is an apt time to visit as you can enjoy your outdoor sightseeing without the sun extricating water and energy out of your body. Visiting in summers might mean you stay in your hotel room for most of the time.

You can enjoy sitting at the lake sides in the pleasant weather of these months. Bhiwadi has three lakes Silliserh lake, Jaisamand lake and Saagar lake or you could simply sit in the warmth of your hotel room and enjoy the weather from the windows. If visiting in summers you can also visit Aravalli Mountains which lie very close to Bhiwadi. In winters, a nearby place to be seen is Thar Desert.

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