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National Zoological Park – A Responsibility, A place to learn


Opened in 1959, National Zoological Park is an initiative of the government of India to work towards the conservation of the species of flora and fauna which are under immense threat due to several anthropogenic factors. Considering the adverse effects of these threats on the animals and plants, the Central Zoo Authority has entrusted the National Zoological Park with the responsibility of caring and preserving the endangered species. The zoo is a perfect place for maintaining the ecological balance and preserves as many as 127 species of wild fauna as well as flora. It has a wide range of species of mammals, birds, reptiles, plants. The place acts as a rescue center for orphan animals by providing them with appropriate housing and care.

Zoo is located near the Old Delhi Fort. You can also visit the fort within the same day. The are many maps all over the zoo to guide you where all the animals are present. Outside the zoo is a big restaurant where you can enjoy multiple cuisines after a long and tiring walk in the zoo.

Address: Mathura Road, New Delhi – 110003

The place has the facility of a cloak room at a minimal rate of Re. 1 per item.

Tobacco, liquor and private vehicles are not allowed in the zoo.


1st April to 15 October: 9.00 am till 4.30 pm

15th October to 31st March: 9.30 am till 4.00 pm

Zoo remains closed on Fridays and all national holidays.


You can enter the zoo at Rs. 40 for yourself (adult) and Rs. 20 for your children.

Basic Dos and Dont’s while visiting the zoo

  • Do not feed the animals. You might affect their health adversely for your fun.
  • Do not tease animals. They can be dangerous. They can bite you if you try and cross the barriers
  • Do not play around with the flora of the venue
  • Do not use your technical’s like camera, radio within the zoological premise
  • Do not litter. Throw garbage in the bins placed at regular intervals.

Enjoy a safe and enjoyable trip

Fun With Kids at Heritage Transport Museum


Work over the weekdays and rest over the weekend. But one minute, where is the time for your kids then? Don’t they deserve your time too? They are bored of seeing their own bedroom walls. They need refreshment. Take them out. Make them spend a night or two in the hotel rooms and take them out to enjoy nearby excursions.

Isn’t it difficult to keep finding solutions to their ever ending demands? We here help you find places nearby where you can enjoy thrilling family holidays.

One such place is the ‘Heritage Transport Museum’ located in the busy city of Gurgaon. This place has many ecstatic experiences to be shared. We bring you a few


Maritime Gallery

This gallery is a fun place to teach your kids about ancient waterways of India.

Automobile Gallery

This gallery will appeal to children who have a love for cars. Gallery shows as much as 75 vintage motors giving out a great display of motors ever been used in India.

Transportation in India – A historical collection

This corner fringes about 10,000 materials collected for the last two decades and are related to transport history.

Contemporary Art Gallery

This section of the museum showcases works of modern artists who have depicted transport in some way or the other in their works.


The museum has an Auditorium which shows regular screenings of films related to transport.

Conference Room

This place has a conference room which can be used by corporates for their official meetings. Facilities of basic audio-visual and food and beverages as per choice are available. Maximum capacity of the conference room is 300 pax, Also, it can be divided with soundproof folding to make two rooms of equal size for conducting two small events simultaneously.

Venue Hire

The museum hires out spaces where family or children’s events may be hosted. This is for a fee. The conference rooms may also be hired for seminars and workshops. Visit the website for information.

Open Timing and Tickets:

 Museum is open from Tuesday till Sunday from 10 A.M to 7 P.M and is closed on Mondays

  • Single Day Ticket: Rs. 300
  • Children under 12: Rs 150
  • Students(With valid Student ID): Rs. 150

Free Admission for:

  • Disabled visitors and one companion
  • Children under 3

The museum takes the responsibility of facilitating the process of your visit to the museum. However charges apply (if the booking is from Delhi, charges apply accordingly). For booking a transport to reach the museum, please contact:

Ragini Bhat
Mob: +91 – 9871667018

Lets Enjoy food at Bhiwadi


Food of a place is what makes it or breaks it. If you do not find good food to eat at a place, you do not like visiting it. Bhiwadi as a destination has a large number of eating joints to choose from. You get it all here. You could even choose from the home delivery hotels and restaurants and order food in the coziness of your hotel room if you are not in a mood to step out. Since Bhiwadi is located in Rajasthan, the major cuisine served here comprises of Veggie delicacies. Special dishes cooked and served here are green vegetables, lentils and pulses which are prepared in milk and or curd instead of water making the dining experience here a gastronomic glee.

Some of the restaurants that you can explore in Bhiwadi are listed below.

Fine Dining

Dosa Plaza
Address: 3rd Floor, V Square Mall, Alwar Bypass
Phone:   8003283444

Chappan Bhog Bikaner Mishthan Bhandar
Address: Near Ratnakar Bank, Alwar Bypass Road
Phone:   9828758819

Rana Family Restaurant
Address: Hariram Complex, Gaurav Path, Hariram Chowk
Phone:   8239444468

Hari Caterers
Address: Near Relaxo Chowk, UIT Road

Curry Club                                              
Address: Treehouse hotel and Club Ashiana Village
Phone: 01493 – 518518

Natraj Restaurant
Address: Samtal Chowk, Sohna Road, Near Bhiwadi Government Hospital
Phone: 9252179526

Coffee at Bhiwadi

 The place is not haunted with a lot of coffee shops as the urban cities, however there are a few present in the malls and the multiplexes that this place holds. These coffee shops offer uou just what one looks for in a coffee shop. That is spending some leisure time while one doesn’t eat much heavy stuff.

One of the famous coffee shops at Bhiwadi is Tija Coffee Lassi at Ashok Circle.

Fast Food

Bhiwadi doesn’t disappoint people who like fast food. It has quite a lot options to choose frm. Following are some of the places you could visit for enjoying fast food.

Quick Byte
Adress:S. No 8, Ashiana Bagicha Market, Bhiwadi
Phone: 01493 – 516080


Sunrise Galleria
Address:Genesis Mall, Main Road Alwar
Phone: 8058055755


Singh’s Food
Address: Ashiana Village Club, Bhiwadi
Phone: 9610446568

McDonald Family Restaurant
Address: Bhiwadi, Ashiana, Village Saidpur
Phone: 8875022255

Rao Fast Food and Bhojanalaya
Address: Alwar Bypass, Bhiwadi
Phone: 9729098355

Hangouts – Haveli Murthal


Just as the name suggests, Haveli Murthal is a place dedicated to royalty. Its an alluring place to be for vegetarians. Haveli Murthal is a branch of the original Haveli located in Jalandhar Punjab. The entity gives you a complete feel of the Punjabi culture. So if you do not have time to go visit Punjab for the food you miss, target this place which fills you with the enriching and colorful culture of Punjab.

The restaurant welcomes you with some unique things like a big elephant, a real size truck, pool side stairs. Waiters dress up in traditional Punjabi attires, big turbans; dhotis greet you with utmost hospitality. The food is mouth relishing and the ambiance is prepossessing, not to miss the mouth watering desi ghee Jalebi for your desert. It’s a great place to unwind with your family. You can even shop at the stores that

The Haveli Jalandhar and Murthal were originally started by Mr. Satish Jain with a desire to keep Punjabi culture alive. So he created a Haveli restaurant in Punjab. Receiving an amazing response from the nearby Punjabis and food lovers, the man thought of establishing a place for people who couldn’t reach Punjab that easily due to the hectic lifestyle. All the more reasons for Delhi people to visit this place over the weekends and return to work the next morning refreshed with a cultural treat.

Address:  Delhi-Karnal GT Road, Murthal, Distt. Sonipat, Haryana.

Climatic Conditions in Bhiwadi – Best time to Visit

Weather in Bhiwadi

Weather in Bhiwadi is similar to that of Delhi in terms of yearly climatic division and due to the fact that the weather here is extreme. Bhiwadi is very hot in summers and very cool in winters. Hottest months here are May and June with the temperature rising to as high as 46 – 48 degree Celsius.  Also, Weather is humid in summers with the humidity level going upto 70 percent. The months of July and August witness the rainy season. Average rainfall that has been recorded here till date is 60 centimeters. December and January are the coldest months of winters that start in October.  Minimum temperature in this place is 20-40 degree Celsius. As this place is located at a height of 268.70 meters above sea level, the wind velocity here is about 5 kilometers per hour.

Though the hospitality of Bhiwdi is open for tourists all throughout the year, the best time to visit Bhiwadi is during October to March as this is the onset of winters in this area. This is an apt time to visit as you can enjoy your outdoor sightseeing without the sun extricating water and energy out of your body. Visiting in summers might mean you stay in your hotel room for most of the time.

You can enjoy sitting at the lake sides in the pleasant weather of these months. Bhiwadi has three lakes Silliserh lake, Jaisamand lake and Saagar lake or you could simply sit in the warmth of your hotel room and enjoy the weather from the windows. If visiting in summers you can also visit Aravalli Mountains which lie very close to Bhiwadi. In winters, a nearby place to be seen is Thar Desert.